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At hya2, you'll find top quality freelancers and company to hire, including graphic designers, logo designers, 2d animation, 3d animation, computer drawing, and more.

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We advertise, network & target your freelancer, company, part-time, temporary, or casual job to talented professionals in your community. Hire on-demand.

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Easily find candidates and company with the right skills, location, experience, education and availability to get the job done. Save time and money recruiting for your short-term projects and part-time needs.

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Activity feeds are streams of posts made by members mixed with notifications about what's happening in your community. Your members can comment, share, and "like" all types of content.


Give every member a voice with their own personal blog. In addition to encouraging content generation and personal expression, blogs improve the search engine visibility of your community.


Members can share videos from YouTube, Vimeo or hundreds of popular sites or upload videos from their computers. Leverage viral social media to keep members engaged and entertained.

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