Everyone complained abt the meta component of NBA 2K

  • Lol the experience that is internet is enough to convince me and MyTeam to not play with again. Horrible servers, the worst match mechanic ever surmised in equalizer, the most unrealistic cards, cheese and whistles which literally anyone can acquire with... the evidence is there, 2K don't even attempt to hide it. I will stick to proam, rec and park, at least there I know I won't be penalized for having a group that is better than the competitor lmao. Sounds stupid saying that but unfortunately it is a reality in this sad excuse of MT 2K20 a style.

    The issue is that's what intimidator badge has been likely to be lol that the challenge is 2K hands-on badges to anybody as the year goes. If they added this"bold" badge then intimidator may as well not even exist since 2K will give everyone equally on stone or HOF they will just cancel eachother out. Intimidator is overpowered but there needs to be some kind of balance to NBA 2K. If you don't have small nuance badges like that make a large impact then it might as well be everyone with all the badges and each stat 99 or zero badges and bronze stats visa versa you need some type of curveball and I guess that's 2K version of it.

    Appreciate if earlier you rant you learn the principles of basketball first. In case you are not even aware, in the last 2mins of every quarter the 2nd foul committed will automatically set them. Nothing is broken about the computer system. Nothing is false. Learn the principles and take it. If you foul me twice in last 2mins im shooting at those fts. Dont rant everything.

    Appreciate it if you read another 4 responses before you condescend as hard as you can try and make yourself the being and feel great about yourself. It was a barbarous way when I am not restraining to blow a comeback and homie was reaching all game. Not everything is deep. Learn life and to respond normally into a human being if you feel the need to say something. Says the man because he does not know the rules of basketball about losing a basketball video game, raging.

    Because everybody who cares to post to a MyTeam thread have never gotten angry from time to time, 27, yeah dude. 4 additional users responded like normal human beings to me, that man just wanted to heap it to make himself feel good lol.Ah you so you came here to heap in your rant for this thread to make yourself feel decent lol, before thinking waht are you complaining. Is that what this is abt? Lets see. Everyone complained abt the meta component of NBA 2K, but here you are going complaining about the Buy NBA 2K20 MT RULES OF BASKETBALL, not 2K.