Really aimed to become wider appealing

  • While its a idea I don't really think that is what people want. I would rather RS gold have set ironman if you would like to add a mode. If we're not getting that I would rather have content for RuneScape. The best part about OSRS compared to other MMOs is the sense of meaningful and permanent progression. Seasonal modes are the specific reverse and they knowingly impair my ability to progress my character if I stop to play in them which is not something I am really looking for when I'm playing OSRS. This will be a hard no from me of the benefits.

    LMS and this, they look fun but I am worried about how much attention they're putting on from sightout of head game modes that take players out of their significant MMO world and in their own little bubbles. Each individual Leagues are a person not doing something with a person in the OSRS universe that is typical. When there is just 1 living, breathing world that everybody's 21, games of this genre are at their best. RuneScape has a tendency to feel like a single player game that you happen to be playing alongside other individuals occasionally, and I truly wish they'd give a love to PvM things which you basically need to do in groups. Especially at lower-mid levels, higher degrees have GWD and raids as well as shit like Zalcano I guess, but OSRS is pretty much a single player game till you reach there.

    Kinda bummed considering this is not a new game mode friendly for many players. Some of us have full time jobs and children, where a few play with RuneScape for a dwelling. And I know that it is shit fortune for some of us but a new ability or something could have been exciting and fair, not a race to the finish line. However, decent work on the creativity. I agree I have many dogs and 8 kids to look after and a 60 hour a week job. I can play RuneScape for 15 minutes. I wish Jagex created content for people like us.

    The material is really aimed to become wider appealing. We ain't really aiming this to be a super aggressive game mode like we've done previously. It's a fresh take on Old School and another approach to perform, whilst playing less you'll receive less points, each point you earn makes a difference in terms of the rewards you'll be able to get on your primary account. The only real way I can observe this panning out (rather than getting ruined in the surveys ) is if you're bucketed to a group of 50-100 players once you join. If everyone is competing against everybody, just the sweatiest players are going to take home the very best rewards. On the other hand, if you are randomly piled into a tiny subset of the league playing population, you stand a much better chance of coming out on top.

    In any event, this idea is going to need a lot of fleshing out and refinement into pass to buy old school runescape gold. If the goal isn't meant to be super competitive, why then in the very first paragraph, mention we'll be"in a race to be the first to finish major Old School achievements". That seems quite competitive, imo. You mention a difference being made by the points on the benefits to our mains. That's unbalanced towards streamers. What they make in 1 league, others may possibly take a more, or even year, worth of championships to obtain things are kept. It looks like I'll be a no with this vote. I'll give it a read one particulars are declared and possibly get swayed. But this sounds like a very bad idea.