Know any examples of this happening

  • Such activities are a normal part of WOW Classic, however, it's become readily apparent that doing so might put your account depending on the total amount of gold. And if you don't have a networking presence that wow gold classic is social, your advancement is going down the drain. (I haven't written a long post like this in quite a while. Know any examples of this happening in other online games? I am eager to hear what you have to say!)

    While reading the linked threads, the one thing that always astounds me is the way everybody is so quick to defend Blizzard and attribute Activision. Like Blizzard is something or their friend. Jesus Christ you guys a company discovered it could make nearly the identical sum of money and you need to create some evil boogeyman to blame? Blizzard wasn't your friend they had great customer service to assist retain paying clients, once they understood you'd stay without customer service they got rid of it also save $$.

    If Blizzard had not been purchased by Activision in 2008, and this was happening, I would be right there with you. But as somebody who's sporadically followed Blizzard since the'90s, a lot of the problems didn't begin until the past few decades. Higher-ups at Blizzard were steadily replaced by Activision-approved personnel, leading to a culture change in Blizzard titles. The 2019 firings were only the culmination of a string of removing the initial Blizzard from Blizzard.

    So what people are defending are those employees that are first. The first Blizzard employees did care about their fans. It received updates as lately as 2016, 15 years after its last launching and long past the point where its costs were being outdone by the gains it was bringing in.

    Yes, they all wanted to earn money. However, Blizzard had a long history of"We'll release it when it is ready", as opposed to their"launch it today and fix it in post" stance that's become the standard for their games. Every day a cheap wow gold match launch gets pushed back because they want to polish WOW Classic a bit more is money lost, and yet Blizzard was infamous for beating matches back at one time. That is, prior to a couple of decades back, when it seemed that gamer-friendly civilization at Blizzard had finally been squashed by what people can only presume were Activision's influences. But saying that ignores their tendency of making poor decisions in a bid to make games that are more polished.