Remember the plus 10 into NBA 2K

  • You have a matchup with a celebrity NBA 2K participant? If you restrict them here's a bonus, along with the bonus for enjoying NBA 2K. Add incentives such as these to games I feel invested NBA MT Coins to grind my livelihood. To put it differently, bring back games that are key, but make them optional. I really don't need to foul out of the playoffs so that I can eliminate the bulls (I'm a bulls fan so this hurts on several levels). If they are skipped by me sim until the end, I do not get the extra incentive. (now if I'm up 30 and that I sub out, that's another story). Give us to grind through these matches.

    Remember the plus 10 into NBA 2K players stats? Why stop there? You know the way you can ask to trade NBA 2K players off. Wager, today the person that you exchanged is pissed off, so plus 10 stats to them. Give me consequences. I request a team to trade their celebrity NBA 2K player off? Aight betthey'll offer me less incentive if I attempt to sign with them. To take it a step further, let us go all the way! You want Lebron in your own Chicago team that is crappy? Alright bet, but he had been about the Lakers, and they were a group that is fantastic, and your team is not, so he's sterile. Minus five to all his stats. The area where role playing comes in, this is.

    For my myleaguers on the market, how many times have you noticed a NBA 2K participant lose 20 morale since he got injured, and he wont sign on you, as though it's my fault you broke your elbow. In mycareer, look in the NBA 2K player's sin. You pissed off perfect? The system needs some tweaking, Let my conclusions affect NBA 2K player morale. I am leading the group to a 81-1 season (which occurs in my career, another story), the entire group is on cloud 9. Let my teammates receive a little boost too.

    It is an circumstance that 2k places us in, but hey we want our moments. Harden complains on social media, you can be humble or become a prick. You be humble, Harden understands, and it gives you the option to change his position. You are a prick, he gets mad, and his morale goes down, so decreasing his stats until you lift his spirits (similar to how you could in myGM), or ask the trainer to trade him. Not only does this give more of a role playing sense to me, but it makes every individual's mycareer different.

    If you haven't read my thesis, then I essentially want a revamped mycareer experience using the tools that were either available in old games, or in different manners, or at other matches of similar genre. What is the best part of this type of mycareer? Benefits and incentives can be catered for both offline and online my livelihood. Hopefully 2k would do something like this for an offline livelihood, but I will take this over another year of the same. I hate this outbreak, and that I need a job lmao If anyone is considering MyLeague ideas I have lots of those too lol.

    How about rivalries are introduced to mycareer, you are able to trigger rivalries against other NBA 2K players by: being a prick, dunking or scoring onto them and rivalries cause matters such as the rival NBA 2K player mainly wanting to defend you, more fans if you score on them and the rival playing aggressive and fuelling up the drama increases fans/other things in exchange them playing more aggressively. This exactly! We all know 2k has the capability to alter NBA 2K player features mid game (example when NBA 2K participant has takeover, they receive a stat increase ). Take make attributes affect.

    Draymond Green has got the enforcer badge to Buy NBA 2K MT? Any difficult foul he commits causes a 5 attribute increase to his stats for a particular amount of time (like the other badges). More Obscure: Have the team NBA 2K participant badge be similar to a takeover. Say Lebron gets his takeover, and includes a team NBA 2K player badgehis teammates get a progressive boost in stats, even before the opponent locks up them on multiple straight possessions, or calls for a timeout. feeling. I could go all day lol. The best part is that there is so using a system similar to this. Just glad I'm not.