I'm not sure if having best money

  • I've return after a three year break to osrs and was seeking OSRS gold to earn some gp. My friend suggested me to perform"protected reverents" I've looked into exactly what it was since I stopped playing revs where initially added. There are lot of rs youtubers playing clans for protection to perform revs. If you attempt to perform it without protection you receive pk'd later 2-3 rev kills. I'm not sure if having best money making method accessible only by paying clans is fantastic for RuneScape? Just how on earth passed anyhow? It appears so dumb that you use some bracelet plus they don't damage to you.

    I'm sympathetic to the sentiment here to some degree, it's a shame that some content (especially in the wildy multi zones) is just much harder as a solo RuneScape player. But it doesn't stand alone as the best money maker, and I think that this organically-generated dymanic of RuneScape player defense (that is very prevalent but isn't totally omnipresent) accounts it fairly well in terms of risk/reward entire and is only part of the reason RuneScape is amazing. I think it matches in the wilderness. The problem isn't really revs, it's that they're able to run a protection racket. Revs was not balanced in order to be farmed without being upset.

    If the clansn't made BANK off individuals paying protection, they would not bother locking down worlds for weeks at a time. It's a weird thing because in some ways it should be completely permitted, but it will completely ruin the balance - and nerfing it to stop shielded ppl making bank could ruin it for everyone else. Perhaps unpopular opinion: I like the mafia shakedown protection ring facet of it. Its wilderness afterall. I just hate that the security is supplied by shitty individuals like RoT.

    I mean that's its point. What's wrong with having content that requires you to collect a staff to do it consistently? The issue isn't the caves the challenge is a deficiency of clans that are strict on who can join that move there to do anything so its almost like a club. You are either at a pk clan using a bunch if weird and at times pointless requirements, or you're paying 10 mil minimum just to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold go pvm"safely" for a bit.

    The neighborhood is retarded. Both for unemployment at revs and paying to kill revs. It's benefit for certain if you spend dumb hours enjoying but it's really fucking boring and the protections clans literally give 0 fucks about you. You WILL die and you'll be taxed for some reason. The clans have enormous ego's they honestly should not have however they're that annoying that people will pay them only to fuck off. They are literally that meme.