The weapon itself is equally creepy

  • FFS, when you enter the battle in solo, you're greeted with a rather disturbing message: You input OSRS Money the den... alone. Fighting Telos at the planet's literal heart sounds significant. However, when you wander into the cave of Araxxor, you feel small. You feel helpless. And you feel alone. Telos owes its uniqueness all into the inspiration it required from Araxxor if anything.

    The weapon itself is equally creepy and unique as the boss. Sure, scythes existed in-game ahead, but not as functional weapons. This was new. Employing a scythe is just badass. The weapon is a perfect representation of the process used to make it and the manager from which it came.The halberd animations were just made for this particular weapon. The poisonous scythe makes a better halberd-class weapon compared to halberds. I noticed this when I used it with a keepsaked dragon halberd because my licks did not look as clean and abilities like quake and storm looked less clear. This is the one melee weapon in RuneScape that never appears awkward if abilities are canceled by my rotations in orders that are awkward. The weapon constantly moves cleanly and it just always makes me feel like a badass to use, even when I am getting shredded from the opponent.

    It has a spec for PvP. Not really a PvPer but much like all nox weapons, Mirrorback is similar to vengeance on crack on heritage mode. It's still feasible for PvM although not being a t92. The scythe is pretty much the only weapon in its own tier since the Zaros Godsword has been given its own market. And when used properly it can nevertheless lay down some serious DPM, especially given the tactical advantage of not needing to stand in melee distance of your opponent.It is the best slayer weapon in RuneScape. Slimming down, nothing beats the AoE of this scythe. This weapon was made to dice, slice and disembowel. It fundamentally changed how people looked at slayer and eliminated the requirement to get a multicannon for buy OSRS gold efficient melee slaying.