I am brand new to RuneScape

  • A couple of RS gold months before, the Summer's End pursuit was released, and I had been pretty enthusiastic about it. Decent rewards. Didn't seem too hard. At least, not before I tried it. I had been successful, until I reached the battle portion from the Beast. I died before I could get 2 fires lit. I tried it for around 4 times, about twice each day, and consecutively failed. So today, being the uber powerful and somewhat narcissistic person that I'm, maybe I can triumph after a little bit of instruction.

    I need to successfully cut 15 roots, using a Woodcutting level of 62. Up this skill? I need to be able to run around to several parts, as well as take a little bit of time to dodge attacks, and reestablish a few Energy with 58 Agility. This up ability? What potions do I use? How many?

    Any special strategies? Frankly, the quest guides only let you know what to do, perhaps not so nicely on how. So that's when I go from Story telling to... real story telling. What should I do? Here is how I did it. I took no food, just the ring along with a games necklace along with an axe. I kept moving. Cut a root, ran to the other side, cut another root, etc.. . I tried again and again if I died then I went back. The thing is, it saves everytime. Basically, I lit one fire and expired and did the other and expired. Took little meals (sharks) too.

    Another great thing is, after the very first room it is somewhat simpler. Another rooms you HAVE to run around so it is not like you are in one place waiting to acquire something. After you do that which I did in the first room, it must all be easy. If not, just continue what I did. Get him hit after, try to do it again, if not you die, lose about nothing, and try again. Uncomplicated teleport back using a necklace. If you're willing to do so, do not attract energy potions. Possibly for the second and third rooms but the first room is probably the hardest. The best that you can do is keep moving. Regardless of what you wear, you may always take heavy damage after struck. Finest thing to do is not worry about dying and simply concentrate on what you need to do.

    Hey guys, I am brand new to this forum, and plenty of my buddies have gotten lots of the queries answered here in Sal's RuneScape Forum, anyways, within another week I'm going to subscribe to members again (have not done so in a few years). I have been wondering why, not just I needed all the extra attributes RuneScape, but I also wanted to increase up my earnings. So what do you guys think, is going to be a solid stream of revenue? Should I kill a few particular monster because of their drops? Or if I use a non-combat skill to old school runescape gold get this gain?