Illegal EXNESS Deceived Thai Investor and Postponed Withdrawal

  • 1. Easy to deposit, but hard to withdraw
      “Ive been trading on the forex platform EXNESS for a while. They support deposits and withdrawals through credit cards and it usually takes no time to withdraw like US$100-200. But recently withdrawing has become extremely slow with many irregularities.” The investor recalled that he had made altogether US$2,180 deposit through 6 credit card transactions on August 15th. Then, he applied to withdraw on October 14th, but EXNESS website showed his application was “in progress”; his further attempts to withdraw also failed.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit WikiFX news official website.
    2. Email confirmed withdrawal without investor receiving the money
      “The customer service asked me to be patient and said they‘ll keep me posted, but I was still concerned.” Investor said that after pushing the broker through countless calls and emails, the customer service finally brought some “good news” on October 20th. “The agent said the money withdrawn had been sent to my account, and it’s only for some technical issues that the website didn‘t show my withdrawal had been successful. So I checked my account and it turned out the money didn’t reach my account. EXNESS then advised me to check with the bank to see if it was a problem from their side.”
    3. The bank insist it wasnt their problem
      I immediately contacted the bank, but they told me there‘s no information about any refund to my account, yet EXNESS insisted that they’ve sent the money and all I have to do is to wait. By now I don‘t trust the broker anymore and I’m worried that I can no longer withdraw my balance.
      As a victim of EXNESS, the investor hopes that others can learn from his experience and avoid the same mistake. WikiFX reminds investors to think twice when choosing a broker and carefully look up its profile such as compliance and regulation before your decision. Should you run into any forex scam, please contact WikiFX at