It Is Going To Also Push

  • In our case, we are being fast-forwarded through the eight years of content so we are skipping over a lot of the downtime that the PSO2 Meseta players on the side obtained (waiting weeks for another chapter of the story, waiting years for the story to progress, and waiting for years for things like quality-of-life fixes and the likes) since we either have a lot of it in a packaged way and we're still anticipating more of that to come.

    Considering the popularity the game has in Japan, I can't envision that Sega would only yank the game away and pull on the plug the moment the New Genesis comes around the corner. From the follow-up videos that were released, our characters do carry over and you will find things that do carry over (most of those being cosmetic).

    If you're having doubts on whether or not you want to play with the game, you could always give it a try (it is free-to-play and its monetization options aren't mandatory to go through the sport or maybe to make it much ) and invent your own experience. From what I can see, at the analogy that I created with this being like that which Monster Hunter World did after Monster Hunter Generations, is that New Genesis appears to be putting up"longer" Phantasy Star Online 2 but in a new setting and coat of paint to match up more with the times particularly when a lot of the gameplay revealed up to now still looks familiar and identical.

    Pso2 endgame is fashion. Fashion carries over into New Genesis.

    So you're gonna leading the xMillion dollars required yeah? Cool lets take action.

    Pvp would be a nightmare to balance. Also, the potential to make money off of AC scratch may bring several pseudo-p2w concerns to light.

    I suppose it has an esports scene? But only in japan and it's really small. It's the ARKs BT and just enjoy a couple of times ever go up through particular Buy meseta pso2 stations every year approximately. Not really a scene I figure but it's at least a contest.