Helm until you receive the slayer helm

  • Berserker Ring/Warrior Ring (BR for advantage bonus, or WR for slash bonus). Your current setup is fine, but I would suggest something which doesn't hamper. Dragon Platelegs with OSRS gold Fighter Torso, for example. Dragon Platelegs aren't too pricey, and the Fighter Torso only charges a few hours to obtain. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy player.

    I'd like greater stats, but F2P coaching is too slow in level 70 and up. I'm asking is it worth to perform soul wars to find some exp. I would love to acquire from 74-83 range and 70 str to 85. I wonder if it is going to take the entire month or not or if it is even worth getting? I was planning to buy one of the ultimate game cards or try to pay by phone (I doubt this since my mom just payed the bill FFS poor timing.)

    Or if I could get to 50-80 str in a brief quantity of time on a minimal level account that Old school rs gold would be awesome sauce too. Does anybody know you are able to utilize an ultimate gamer card for two accounts? Woo! It is definitely worth buying one month, at least, simply to try it. Didn't Jagex have a promotion where you could get a free week of registration, if your accounts never was upgraded before? Someone might need to check my facts on that; when it did exist, then it may have only been for a brief period of time.