RSgoldfast - They are possible OSRS gold monsters from levels 1

  • In the primary building where the portals you input are, you will notice a OSRS gold giant black portal , when you click on it states"deposite in portal?" An dif you click yes it is possible to deposite any things in it and a thing in the portal will be teled to a different players inventory that has only entered the stadium.

    When you buy a product in you inv. AND NOTE THIS if you have a low theiving lvl also it is not difficult to steal from you, you'll get an item of lower value than a participant with high theiving. By way of example if you were a level 25 theif you might find a rune scim on your inentory and when you're a lvl 90 theif you could get a dchain (it naturally depends upon what other gamers are depositin ginto the deposit portal) Ok now I will explain how you play this game.

    From the game you are attempting to steal from the other participant on a list of maybe 5 players that you are assigned to steal from. In this game you will be stealing form an entirely random participant that is around your theiving level NOTE: the greater theiving lvl the player gets, the harder it would be to steal from him/her. Inside this game there'll be a number of new methods to steal from people )depending on your level).

    By way of example if you are a high level you may ba able to utilize a soeacial summoning recognizable made for this minigame. Therefore, if you are say a lvl 75 theif you can summon an eagle (or any oher large bird) an dhav eit go to your goal Buy old school runescape gold and attempt to aquire the thing he/she is carrying. If it fails you'll lose 1 summoning point and the familiar will dismiss itself out of your command.