Developers' improvements to Shadowlands are gradually satisfyin

  • Currently, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has not yet been released, but there will be information or rumors related to the expansion every day, and it is difficult to imagine how much hype related to this topic will be in the future. What makes players feel excited is that after endless speculation, now they finally know the release date of Shadowlands. After more than a month, that is, October 27th, they can enter Shadowlands and start a new adventure.

    Ion Hazzikostas, the game director of World of Warcraft, published a new article on his blog discussing the future of the game. For players, what should be more worthy of their attention should be the expansion itself rather than the development in the early stage. At the beginning of the article, Hazzikostas stated that the development direction of the game has changed from the implementation of new World of Warcraft Classic Gold content and new design to the refinement and adjustment of the game world. In the coming weeks, they will provide a road map to prepare players who predict the content of the Beta server.

    The first main part of the article introduces the ways in which developers will improve the title. Their answer is to introduce the 9.0.2 patch for the Beta version of the game. Hazzikostas said that weekly updates of the Beta version are worth looking forward to. These updates will help release the level compression and more customization options in the Beta server as soon as possible.

    The other topic discussed in the article is the Tower of Cursed, which will be introduced into the game in Shadowlands, which is Torghast. According to the introduction in the article, the development team will restructure the introduction of Torghast, depending on the player's attention to this part of the content. What players worry most is that Torghast will have monotonous and annoying introduction tutorials.

    Many World of Warcraft supporters are pleased, because the developers finally shifted their focus from the legendary cloak questline in BfA to the overhaul and adjustment of Torghast. After all, the substitutes that need to go through a long and arduous trial will not make players feel excited.

    The content discussed next in the article is the return of PvP. In Battle for Azeroth, PvP content has completely become a secondary, almost negligible point. Hazzikostas mentioned the concerns of some players and agreed with them that the range of gears provided by PvP vendors is not satisfactory.

    Blizzard's development team proposed a variety of solutions, such as reworking the stat coverage of vendor gear, or possibly providing PvP specific bonuses through the items provided. Although no specific measures have been determined yet, Hazzikostas stated in the article that Blizzard will share the content of the test plan and collect player feedback before the test plan is officially applied to the server. In any case, WOW Classic Gold still has extraordinary significance for those World of Warcraft: Classic players. If players want to buy cheap and safe Classic WOW Gold, they should visit MMOWTS and consult their professional customer service.