Phantasy Star Online 2 today has one million gamers worldwide

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 has increased exponentially since being translated to English and getting accessible in western markets earlier this season. The MMORPG game has crossed one million complete players, and it's having a litle party to mark the event. "The Profound Darkness was nullified, also ARKS HQ has a great deal of operatives to thank," an announcement on PSO2 Meseta the official site reads. "Quite a lot, actually, given that over 1,000,000 ARKS assisted attain the Episode 3 goal of Fleet Oracle." If you do not understand everything, do not worry, it just means that a thousand people have signed up and played the free MMO game for sufficient time to be counted as actual, valid players.

    The MMO's gone from strength-to-strength as it has rolled out throughout the world from Japan over the last six months approximately. First, it came out on Xbox One and PC in North America, before arriving to Europe and the rest of the world that August, now publicly available on Steam. A considerable part of the community were waiting for the Steam launch, provided that it quickly drew nearly 20,000 players. Some incentives have been running since August 19, to finish on August 26, providing double XP, dual rare item drops, double infrequent enemy spawns, and vouchers to get 100,000 XP at login every day.

    Obviously being free helps, but Phantasy Star Online 2's cross-platform accessibility's no doubt drawn in a substantial volume. It is possible to locate PSO2 on Steam here, and we have a list of the best anime games if you want more of a comparable feel and aesthetic.

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