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  • You're more apt to get 2,000 MT or even 10 tokens, which is not a bad consolation prize and might be more beneficial to your group at this stage when many individuals have lineups that are too fantastic to find a place to 2K MT get a Diamond card, even an MJ. However, if you're home, such as most people, and are only getting started with your MyTeam travel, this can be a card which can do some job for you against a number of the better squads. Prior to the release of this MJ card, there was just another Diamond MJ which was part of this first Flash Pack collection, an Amethyst MJ as part of the Multi-Dimensional series, then there was the amazing Galaxy Opal version that was arguably the highlight of this all-star Flash set in February.

    Jordan scored his 26 points on efficient 10-for-19 shooting from the area, which comprised 1-for-2 from beyond three-point range. Unfortunately, there aren't any real-life highlights of this sport on YouTube.

    Clearly, Jordan has had innumerable great performances which could be re-lived at a video game, and this one against the Warriors is one of these. However, it's a strange choice for a couple reasons. Jordan terrorized the Warriors that year in Buy NBA 2K21 MT both regular-season meetings that the teams had on the road to what is the Chicago Bulls' third championship in an eight-year period. At the other regular-season match against Golden State, Jordan suspended 49 points onto his helpless competitions en route to a 101-92 victory in November 1992.