Another exciting event in World of Warcraft Classic

  • It started on October 3 and ended in six days with a total prize money of $12,000. These Classic WOW Gold two regions, North America and Europe, will distribute these bonuses equally, and each region will receive a bonus of $6,000. This game consists of an open qualifier and a regional final. The top six teams in each region will participate in this game.

    Each team consists of 15 players. They must have their World of Warcraft Classic Gold own registration links with NA and EU if they want to register for the game. The qualifiers in the European Union region will be closed on October 1, and the qualifiers in the North American region will be closed on October 8. The qualifiers will start after the signing is closed, and there will be a total of two days. On October 17, the top six teams played against the European Union, and on October 18 they played against North America in an attempt to defeat their opponents.

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    This is the second event that Blizzard has played outside of Classic. This is also the last event in June. For experienced players of World of Warcraft Classic, this is a hope for them.

    The stakes can become very high at high speeds. Players try to hit the target in order to save time. One streamer the stakes wants to meet this challenge well, it is necessary to keep his hair.

    In a recent live broadcast, Mizkif wanted to control the recording time of Super Mario 64 to 20 minutes. After many attempts, it ended in failure. He said that he would shave his head if he couldn't finish it after several attempts. The bet seemed to be quite large.World of Warcraft is a kind of memory for many experienced gamers. They have played this game for many years. So for novice players, don't worry, you can play the game according to your own ideas. I recommend a website MMOWTS that has plenty of cheap and enough WOW Classic Gold. The WOW Classic Gold on this website is very cost-effective.