I was lucky enough to experience World of Warcraft Classic

  • There is very little content in the current World of Warcraft. Relying on Ahn’Qiraj has indeed attracted a large number of fans. Hope that some new content will appear in the final Naxxramas and The Burning Crusade after the update, because many characters already have their "Best in Slot".

    What happened, we don't know. Three months after Ahn’Qiraj’s patch was released, the door to the final realm was finally opened. Celebras is a German RP server, as the last classic field that can complete the biggest event of "World of Warcraft". Players can finally face the ancient god C'thun and conduct raids on it at this stage.

    Some players in other fields are not very interested in all this. The participation of all guilds has not been pre-calculated by large collection activities and large Excel spreadsheets. Not only there is no big farm conspiracy, but even the killer squad to stop hostile players does not exist. Players don't have to worry about who is the first to open the door.

    The Vanilla WOW Gold difference between Celebras is that he is a field of begging and pleading. A few weeks after the release of Classic, the German role-playing community stated that they wanted an area where German could be spoken. However, it turned out that only a few players entered this field. There are very few new immigrants there.

    Celebras has only 500 active players here, which is really very few compared to before. Maybe because there are too few players here, there are no player records of Celebras on some websites. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold players here may be the role players, some people who have returned home from busy work, and even people who have both. This is my personal speculation.

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    This state looks no different from death. Players there think that this is a world of nightmares and death. When the oath of office was taken in a community event, because there were few people, everyone there knew each other.There are many unforgettable battles in World of Warcraft, and players think the experience here is good. So even people who get home from get off work will spend time in the game to get WOW Classic Gold. They don't know that it is convenient and safe to buy WOW Classic Gold directly on MMOWTS.