Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Introduction to Flick and CJ

  • In ACNH, you receive a visitor every day. Flick and CJ are two characters who will potentially visit your island, and frankly, with regards to the time of year, you possibly can get some ACNH Items from them. You can also get sculptures crafted from your catches, providing you're happy to turn in 3 ones.

    As you get connected to the two, you find out which they grew up together. I don't know much Animal Crossing lore but a fast look at the Wiki says they might be the sons of past characters who'd arrived at your island for your fishing tournament.

    Flick is definitely an introvert who struggles with having self-confidence. Anytime you receive a sculpture, he nervously discusses how he couldn't capture the likeness when he definitely does. He also lets out a smallish victory cry of "scored a commission" if you ask to obtain something made. My headcanon says that CJ's the one that convinced Flick to get started on offering commissions. CJ's first fan, so he encourages him constantly.

    I've mentioned above Flick's character traits, and I'm delighted to report that CJ would be the exact opposite. He's a joyful little beaver. Sadly, he's not nearly as poetic about receiving fish, but he's really thinking about his channel and obsessively takes pictures for his chat group.

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