If this proposal, or some other variant of it gets through into

  • If someone prods a participant who responds successfully to OSRS gold the mystery more then 3 times, they shed automatically and must wait 1 hour before having the ability to play the game . For the person in the Macrokilling group to acquire the maximum successful prods (they will probably aim for obvious macro's) they'll win the joint stakes, including up to a potential 500k or less. The typical game lasts 15 minutes and macrokill players cannot perform any actions other then prod different players while wielding the prod stick (eliminating the pole removes you in the game, as does logging out for longer then 5 minutes).

    Players with public chat or anything else off will have no excuse as the mystery pops up no matter what you've triggered. You can prod individuals everywhere but based on the environment or danger of the area, the puzzle won't be as intrusive or not existing in any way.

    If this proposal, or some other variant of it gets through into the game; then I anticipate the mystery to change based on real player tolerance of this prod charges (I expect the end puzzle is actually fun for buy RuneScape gold the players getting a prod) and just how well real macro's can respond. Thanks for reading! Compliment's, constructive criticism and death threats are welcome, together with changes and ratings.