Musings On Markets: May 2021

  • There are few other boutiques near me s that I seriously consider to buy early this year, they are SAM, PRLEXUS, TGUAN & SUPERLON. For the first half of this year, I only bought 2 stocks which are KESM and TekSeng. Of course I did not buy them until now, as I hope to limit export-orientated stocks in my portfolio. Five months have passed now and year-to-date my portfolio is at negative 13%. So I have a mountain to climb if I were to achieve a 30% annual return for 2016. Is it possible? The stock that surprise me a lot is YOCB in which its share price suddenly soars 50% in the last 2 months from 90sen to RM1.35. Even though I am not close to the stock market in this period of time, I still know that Airasia and Airasia X which are not in my watch list, have generated substantial interest among investors and as a result, their share prices have already doubled this year.


    Besides those construction companies mentioned earlier, I still have 3 others property-related stocks in my watch list, they are MKH, PARAMON & WEIDA. Construction sector seems to rock at the moment, with impressive share price performance in KERJAYA (Fututech), GADANG, GKENT & MITRA. First Resources has its share price fallen quite a lot but I'm still hesitating whether I should start to accumulate it. All 3 stocks are trading sideways at the moment and don't seem to benefit a lot from low oil price. I have been thinking about this over the last week or so, so in the first of a series of 17 installments - the number of companies in the portfolio - I am going to discuss what my sell price might be and why. I think I should be grateful if my portfolio can end this year in positive territory. I always hope to have a healthcare-related stocks in my portfolio. A few stocks have gone up recently and some stocks have dropped to my previous targeted entry level.