Stock Market Analysis: 02/23/11

  • 65) A compound annuity involves depositing or investing a single sum of money and allowing it to grow for a certain number of years. Many unique boutique s in the space have picked up even more steam as of late and are significantly outperforming that number. 11) In addition to stocks in individual companies, the AMEX conducts trading in such securities as ETFs and options. An increasing percentage of NYSE and AMEX trades is, however, executed electronically. Subsequent to the IPO, trading in the company's stock takes place on one of the major exchanges such as the NYSE or Nasdaq. Nasdaq is an electronically linked network of traders that post bid and ask prices (the prices they are willing to pay or accept for securities) and the quantities they are willing to purchase or sell. 17) The current yield is the average rate of interest a bond will from the time of purchase until it matures.


    14) What is the value of a bond that matures in three years, has an annual coupon payment of $110, and a par value of $1,000? Assume a required rate of return of 11%, and round your answer to the nearest $10. 11) What is the expected rate of return on a bond that matures in seven years, has a par value of $1,000, a coupon rate of 14%, and is currently selling for $911? Assume annual coupon payments. 13) The par value of a corporate bond indicates the level of interest payments that will be paid to investors. The next major resistance level is located at $17.50. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) - Shares of Advanced Micro Devices have resistance located at $9.74 & $10.04. The Hong Kong-listed shares of Alibaba rose 3.2 per cent while Tencent gained 1.9 per cent. 7) A block trade is a trade involving 10,000 or more shares by a single holder. Because cash flows are more certain, preferred stock would be considered less risky to the investor. The magnitude of the cash flows from preferred is also known where it is not known for common stock. Microsoft stock on Nasdaq. 8) The NASDAQ trading floors are located in New York City.



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