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  • We saw that last week as the USD strengthened across the board against virtually all currencies and commodity prices and deep cyclical boutiques near me s struggled. The chart below of DBV as a measure of the currency carry trade of buying high yielding currencies and shorting the low yielding ones shows that this trade continues to sell off in the wake of the May 22 Fed tapering message as it violated an important level of technical support last week. Here is a chart of EEM, the emerging market equity ETF, showing its low/negative correlation to the USD. Valuation signals: As I wrote before (see A new secular bull? Don't count on it!), private equity firms are cashing out their equity holdings, value investors can't find any good values and VLMAP, Value Line's Median Appreciation Potential for stocks, is signaling very low return levels for equities. Smart investor trading signals: In addition to long-term oriented value managers feeling uncomfortable with stocks, George Soros' largest position is a bearish bet on SPX.


    If Potash breaks bakc below $140 and you are trading it, I would get out. Trading in stock future is a form of high risk which makes it possible for traders to earn or lose a big amount of cash within a small span of time. The principle of reconstituting shareholders' equity consists of replenishing the cash flow in order to have an amount greater than half of the share capital. The key question then becomes: Can the American consumer carry the entire weight of the bullish hopes of equity investors on her shoulders, especially if we start to see signs of stress in emerging market bond and equity markets? I look for clues in the foreign exchange market, where the US Dollar is testing an important uptrend line and what it tells me about the nature of sector leadership and their implications for the direction of equity prices. With both the 10-year and 30-year yields testing key resistance levels, my hunch is that bond prices may be poised to rally soon. FLASH - The Fed may elect to increase monthly purchases after January of 2014 based on data.



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