You should see lumby

  • I don't see why folks buy corrupt dragons anyhow. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Because Corrupt dragon is the ideal F2P armour, PKers purchase the weapons since they help to get kills and planners buy the armour to be able to RS gold tank longer. But doesn't it vanish after something like 30 minutes? Yeah, it will but it also depends upon the way you use it. For example, if you're PKing and only using a corrupt dragon weapon to handle the final hit then obviously your weapon is going to last a while. With the fall (s) you'd get, assuming your PKing, it probably makes up to the high cost of Corrupt Dragon. Especially if you are a pro-Pker like Mic. Then you make a significant profit. Additionally, the boots road price was 25M (Leaf got the boots) while GE price was 8M? Thought it was the same. It appears that you can't wager money anymore.

    You have already had this explained to you. The street price is the price at which someone is willing to pay for a product. The GE price is just an automatic way of recording transactions and updating the cost to adhere to that. Why do you think the GE costs change? Because people purchase and sell in the street costs via the GE and it upgrades the price to match this.

    Ever since I got back to RS a few months ago and eventually became a part, I have noticed a huge amount of players (mostly around the Gex) begging for money. Now, I have personally never needed over 500K to my name. I've never needed more than that and I've never actually set out to attempt to make money. However, when I've had to purchase something expensive I have worked hard to produce the money I needed. I was just wondering whether people really give money to these players? Does it pay off to all these beggars? If it does then it seems a bit demoralizing into a player like me who, when I need money, puts time and effort into earning it.

    You should see Lumby. Many old players make level 3 balances just to beg. Just to tell you... once I began my new account... I had been given around 250K in things and money... Well, this was 2-3 months ago. Now next weekend I must have around 10M. Why? Because I marched with the money. The cash does prove to be helpful. Only 1 thing. I never shopped for it but was awarded by buy OSRS gold some random person. If you see a new person and you understand 100 per cent that he/she is brand new you can choose to help them out.