Rsgoldfast - lets talk about the basic idea of the mini-game

  • You'll Also Require a Jug of Wine, Karajama Rum, 5k plus a Asgarnian Ale. Additionally you must retrieve a peg leg. Talk to runescape 3 gold Redbeard Frank and then Request his hook. He will inform you first you must get him a date with Emily in the Rising Sun Tavern. You locate Emily in the tavern crying. You ask what is wrong and she tells you that she is going to have to shut the tavern because she is not getting sufficient buisness. She says she needs 5,000 GP to remain open. Ask her if you devote her 5k if she'll go on a date with Redbeard Frank, and she agrees.

    Pay her the 5k and notify Redbeard Frank. He'll then give you his hook. Now You Only Need to Purchase a Jug of Wine and also an Asgarnian Ale. To get the Karajama Rum you have to smuggle it into utilizing the Banana Plantation like you did in Pirate's Treasure Quest. He states that when his boat was sunk by a rival pirate, he lost his prized golden peg leg. He states that in case you get it back to him then he'll give you his normal peg leg.

    His boat was sunk near the fishing system so move there. Once on the Fishing Platform go to the southern most fishing spot and cast your rod. After catching a few fish you will discover Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. Bring all the things back to Trader Stan and he'll let you perform one last job.

    You have to kill the Sea Serpent that sank a ship carrying 1/2 of his trading supplies. Now grab the best mage or variety equipment you have and sail Trader Stan's Vessel, which has been mended with 2 cannons and 2 catapults. You've just been awarded 50 Cannon Balls and 50 Large Rocks so use them wisely. When the captain gets you to the place - Somewhere near Pirate's Cove - Wait for about a second and then the Serpent will apear. He will only stay over the water for a minute at a time so target your shots wisely. Following the ferocious conflict, Bring the serpent's head to Trader Stan. Congratulations! Quest!

    Well, first lets talk about the basic idea of the mini-game at the first location. My notion is that, somewhere in Runescape there'll be a significant area (maybe about how big clan wars or a little bigger:/) and in that area there's a giant stadium split into four different sections to keep lower and higher level thieving players apart therefore the reduced level players do not need to worry about easily getting pick pocketed by a greater level thief. Before you enter the arena there is a big (about the size of the Grand Exchange) construction in which you input to rs07 fire cape start.