Rsgoldfast - Now head back to Lucien's Tower

  • Inform Akthanakos you are prepared, and rs 2007 gold he will teleport the two of you into Ghorrock. Cast some kind of bind spell on Enakhra. A cutscene follows, also Lucien appears and frees her. They both head to the tower from sooner. From today on, you're always a intruder on Lucien's island.

    They will have nothing new to say, and they suggest you seek some sage advice to calm yourself over the affair. A cutscene ensues where Hazeel appears and is contending with the Oracle, ordering her to tell him the way to ressurect Zamorak. You appear, and hazeel grows angry. You have to fight .

    Throughout the conflict, he will use a special dragon weapon, as well as its special. He summons several Nightmare Blades enjoy from before in the tower. He'll use a magical attack should you when his health is low and if you use prayer. After he is dead, you can take his weapon if you prefer, but you have to cover Oziach a LOT of money to repair it. The Oracle will inform you Hazeel is not dead, he teleported at the last moment.

    Now head back to Lucien's Tower, by way of your constructed vessel. Wear full Ghostly Robes, and you will be able to sneak past the shield because you're invisible. Eavesdrop on a meeting. Zemouregal will stand up and discuss his failure to ruin Varrock. Enakra will talk about"the plan". Next, Hazeel will say he's learned that Azzanadra has been ressurected recently. A message will be transmitted to Drakan warning him that a Zarosian mahjarrat had planted 6 previously fantastic warriors within Morytania for when the time is right.

    He'll guarantee them that his ability, in addition to that of his allies, is slowly now growing. Several vyrewatch look, along with a level 159 vyreguard. Kill them all with your ivandis flail, and still another cutscene follows. More vyrewatch appear, along with vyreguards and one of the Drakan Lords. The Barrows Brothers enter war mode and begin killing any vyres, but you need to cheap OSRS gold fight too.