Rsgoldfast - Drakan isn't able to analyse the Ivandis Flail

  • Ivan says that rs 3 gold no one is home. Inside the room are some tables, shelves, two creepy mists as well as a sink and a chest. Look through the shelves for the Rod of Ivandis and a Guthix Balance Potion (2). You will need these. These are essential. You'll notice something in your dining room at this point. It is possible to take the Strange Object to bring the fogs to your notice.

    It's an easy trap! What's the second thing? This is the Juvinates Vanstrom that I can recall. These are Juvinates Vanstrom brought to Burg de Roitt with Gadderanks. This time, the two Vampyre Juvinates have a stronger hold. They are not only level 87 and 91, but they also have the ability to heal themselves when they are below 20 percent health. To take them out, use the Rod of Ivandis Special with the Guthix Balance Potion. The one will die, and the other transforms into human.

    I wonder what these platelegs were composed of. Hmmm... I believe that I saw something like this in a book when Drezel trained me. It was written by Saradomists from an Guthixian book. Drakan must have altered these. That's how they healed so easily. Let's see if we can remove the corruption. What about the man who was in the room?

    Oh, you are right. Drakan isn't able to analyse the Ivandis Flail. This makes Drakan's weapon against Vyrewatch ineffective. You don't have to worry. I'll meet Safalaan in Meyerditch and see if he is capable of helping me.

    Go into Meyerditch to speak with Safalaan. Display the Strange Object that alerted Juvinates to you. Safalaan will say that the object uses an enchanted ruby but that the enchantment has gone. Apply level 3 enchantment to the object. Fantastic. It may be useful in the process of luring vampyres. You claim that the vampyres you encountered close to buy osrs fire cape Mort Ton were under Vanstrom's command? Yes. But I thought Vanstrom had been demoted.