Rsgoldfast - All of this means that my ideas for games

  • What did you receive? Some extremely limited set of rs gold 2007 cool-looking-but-useless tools that don't really work. Certain of these tools have potential, but they are not compatible and some fundamental principles are missing. For example, the game of hide-and-seek. It seems like a great idea. Do you want to find the root of the problem?

    All members must be connected to the same channel. The rings for seekers work, but they're ineffective. They only buzz and do not give any indications regarding how close you are to someone (or else I'd be unable make it work). The other problem is that every person within your channel is colored purple on the map, and so if you're close enough for a buzz, you're already on the map.

    It's impossible to tag someone. The only thing I could imagine as a tag is the rubber chicken or a carrots hit, and even then it's not a clan game. Is there any game you could play that cannot tag?

    All of this means that my ideas for games are mostly ineffective. Consider my idea of adapting 40-40 home to RS to play at varrock town center. My runners must reach the goal and my defenders have to stop them. I'm also in need of an approach to control the defenders' task - they will be outnumbered, so they must have an advantage. I also require a method to keep the game transparent to ensure there's no cheating announced score counts and irrefutable catch announcements. What do I have to do now? Not a lot.

    So, some ideas. Let's first create a tagger with the function of a clan member - a type of melee (changeable), weapon slot that will notify clan members that the person who was hit has been caught. It could even be possible to let the tagger strike all members of cheap OSRS gold the clan within a certain radius.