RuneScape - There was a limit on the amount of potential XP

  • Furthermore, these events promote unhealthy gaming and/or RuneScape gold accounts sharing. The XP multiplier never goes lower than 1x even after 10 hour. Summoning is also qualified for a bonus up to the the actual level of XP even though the majority of Summoning's time is spent training, it's utilized to gather charms. (Yes it's only 1.1x however it isn't a big deal for 10 hours).

    I find it offending the fact that these events were created to generate revenue when most people would have canceled their membership in their schools. What are you planning to spend the extra XP you earn? I'll likely be runningecrafting to meet the requirement for the Karamja diary.

    Also another thing. Do you recall the Hati Wolf event? It was a much better event than the BXP weekends. There was a limit on the amount of potential XP that could be used and a long period of time to complete it. This led to not creating a worse economy or rewarding no-lifers/acc sharesrs as much as normal players. These events would be much better than BXP weekends (but not only for combat-related skills).

    It has come to the notice of a lot of players over the last month, that freeplay is simply an utter scam. It's difficult to play because of the numerous bots and sucks running an mess. I played freeplaying two years ago and spent nearly two years playing it, but it was not like what goes on today. It comes down to one key change: the free trade system.

    But, is it really necessary to allow trade? Jagex says no. Freeplay, after all, is an opportunity to join the club, the full version of which is available. It is possible to argue with me, however free players are always lower on the hierarchy of totems. Consider the advantages of denying free trade to buy RS gold freeplayers.