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  • Because the Temple Knights aren't used to throwing large-scale events, you will need to bring some things, like elegant wine glasses that you can craft, several sweetcorn dishes, six curries and 5 caviars. Molten glass can be used to make wine glasses RS 2007 Accounts. The Sweetcorn dish is prepared by using a bucket of milk with cream, combining it in conjunction with cornflower (obtained by grinding corn in a mill) and sweetcorn that has been roasted, an egg, and baking it in an oven. Three ingredients are required. The curries and caviar may be purchased or sourced by yourself.

    While at the event, be attentive to all of the royal guests. If you look at King Vallance of Asgarnia, you'll notice that he looks ill. Not yellow, but sick. Take a look at him and you'll find him to be controlled by the slug that is adept at showcasing his victims. In the kitchen, you'll see a Black Knight Assasin leaving through the window.

    To find out if the fish is poisoned, look it up. Instead of throwing it away, Savant can use her magic to save it. Serve it to King Vallance He will be unconscious. But not dead, but unconscious. King Vallance was paralyzed by alteration of the poison in the fish, and the Temple Knights have an excuse for taking him away to take out the slug.

    In the Temple Knight Base, ask the Commander Callon whether you could examine King Vallance to see if you can find an option to get rid of the slug. He will say that thanks to the slugs and Karamthalu that you gave them and they believe they have a way of splicing the slug from the King. The scene will be cut to show the King recovers after which you inquire if he holds any of the slug's memories Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. He states that he's was imagining a cave out at sea. He will provide Savant the coordinates of the cave.