Mysterious feathers, and the strange objects

  • Start by speaking to RuneScape gold the man you stored during Eagles Peak, and he will say he discovered some new feathers while hunting rabbits. He will also mention he found some strange objects near the rabbit holes. He'll then give you 20

    Mysterious feathers, and the strange objects, which you conclude to be rune darts. There are 11 of these, you may keep them or discard them, it doesn't matter. Nickolaus will mention they had been sticking out of the ground at an odd angle, like they were thrown from above. Additionally, the blood stains indicate that the hunter, that must have been really far away, hit his target. Head back into the mountain with all the eagles in it.

    Near the eagle that you snuck ago, there will be a few stones, which you should climb. For this you will need climbing boots and a rope. This will set you above the eagles. There's a high cliff just north of you, grapple up with a mithril grapple hook. This will put you in a spot with several aviansies! Apparently, they're not all dead. On seeing you, they will order you to depart, or else. Unless, that is, you're sporting an Armadyl item.

    You can blow your bank accounts open obtaining some Armadyl ranger armor, or you could just get a pendant by talking to or killing a protector of Armadyl in the temple of Ikov. Or you can use these feathers that you just got with some lace, a needlethread, to create some Armadyl gloves. These give a ranged increase and count as Armadyl armor. While wearing one, speak to the aviansies, and they'll welcome you as a fellow follower of Armadyl, and request your help. Then you'll be given a mission, based on buy OSRS gold which side you chose during Temple of Ikov.