Really is not that the games have become worse

  • I would really have to read/research a whole lot more. I really only know it did happen; the when; how much it cost, etc., however I do not think I ever saw the why. I didn't think Vivendi Games was ever that hard up WOW TBC Gold for money, but I guess something Activision had appeared enticing enough.

    Both Vanilla and TBC classic are outside, capable to experience as it had been. And. . . And I'd say that I like the classic variations a whole lot less than retail now. It's a lot slower and simpler. It is more clunky. It is a lot more grindy and time consuming. Rewards thing a great deal less because the PvE experiences are balanced around somebody with performance difficulties and also a lot worse sense and ability of the game.

    Really is not that the games have become worse, it is the player mindset which have changed. Coupled with a ton of tools for knowledge and learning. People trying to take shortcuts instead of learning, causing them to feel like it's a grind when they can't simply jump into the rewards. People consume content a lot quicker and use a ton of crutches to do it. They skip the majority of the investigating and trial and error parts, which is what they remember most lovingly in the previous games, in favor of optimization and min/max from the return. A lot of optimization isn't even about doing things better, but removing things together. Which also contributes to people complaining that they"feel forced" doing things as they're so used to having the ability to skip it.

    I 100% believe this was the case in Hearthstone. I haven't played in a long time but back when they started incorporating cards would be a few new broken strategy everyone needed to play and Blizzard sat about for months saying everything was fine before waiting to launch some half-assed counter in another expansion. When it failed that they finally delivered a balance patch to buy WOW Classic TBC Gold fix the initial issue. I am positive people stuck around simply to see whether the new cards could change anything so the player numbers were fostered.