The motion capture stage was abandoned

  • In general, EA uses optical capture actors, actors and even occasional superstar footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, to FUT 22 Coins write new animations. However, it is a tiny space that can only accommodate just one or two players at any one time, making it hard to attack the ball with speed or ping moves from one side to the other.

    FIFA animators have transformed limited passages of motion-captured action, like keepie-uppies or one-on-ones with dribbles, into flowing movements that ape eleven-aside matches.The cameras are now gone. The motion capture stage was abandoned. Only the Xsens suits remain left. Eaves claims that the drift issue was a major issue.

    We knew where the joints of the players were to each other but not necessarily to each other in space. In virtual terms this meant that players who ran around would return ten metres away from their starting point.

    EA's game-changing innovation is the LPS system, which is a local positioning system. Instead of GPS satellites, LPS beacons were dotted around the stadium, with motion sensors strapped to players' chests.

    This meant that high-quality information could finally be captured in an actual football match. Eaves says that the teams of Spain's third division were selected due to their history of rivalry. "They're both well-coached, professional teams with incredible technique. They play possession-based football with precision and finesse. This is great for video games because we need it to buy FIFA 22 Coins be quick and enjoyable."