Scientists Solve the Mystery of Jupiter's

  • X-rays X-raysare part of a giant planet's visible and invisible light explosion. Formed by charged ionized particles that interact with the atmosphere. Scientists have known for 40 years that Jupiter produces X-rays. But I don't know how it happened. It is only known that X-rays are created when ions, electrically charged atoms or molecules, collide with the atmosphere of a star.
    This phenomenon is similar to the Aurora, ornorthern lights,on Earth, seen during the coldest months in the northernmost countries. But the auroras on Jupiter are much more powerful than Earth. because it releases hundreds of gigawatts of energy Most recently, the research team was led by scientists from University College London in England and the Chinese National Science Council. participated in close observations of Jupiter's environment by NASA's Juno spacecraft. The team found a clear relationship between plasma waves, ionized gases. and X-rays in the Aurora Borealis at Jupiter's North Pole. Computer models were then used to confirm that plasma waves would transport ionized particles to Jupiter's atmosphere.
    scientistIt states that the X-rays are stimulated by uniform vibrations in's magnetic field linesJupiterthat surround the star vertically connecting from the north to the south pole. These vibrations create waves of planet-sized plasma. Ion-carrying plasma waves travel along magnetic field lines until they collide with the planet's atmosphere. and emit enormous amounts of energy in the form of X-rays. The team also observed that X-ray bursts occur every 27 minutes.
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