15,000-year-old virus found embedded in Tibetan glacier

  • A team of US scientists has discoveredancientvirusesat least 28, unknownembedded in glaciers inTibetan Plateau,more than 15,000 years old, a
    team of climate scientists and microbiologist A total of 33 viral genes have been identified from two ice core samples from glaciers in the Chinese Tibetan Plateau more than 15,000 years old, of which four were previously discovered. and at least 28 of them are new, previously unknown viruses. The virus is still alive because it has been refrigerated. and likely originated from soil or plants rather than animals or humans. Therefore, it is unlikely to cause any harm to humans by this research. It was published July 20 in the journal Microbiome,
    lead researcher Zhi Pingzhong at Ohio University. It said the ice cores were sampled from Mount Guliya on the Tibetan Plateau in western China. It was 6,705 meters above sea level in 2015, using germ-free methods to analyze bacteria and viruses in the ice core to prevent contamination. The ice core was cut into sections, 3 feet long, 4 inches in diameter,
    said Zhipingzhong. These glaciers gradually Formed together with dust and gas, as well as many viruses and microorganisms. The body was deposited under the ice over time
    , said study co-author Lonnie Thompson. accumulated in the glacier But the study will become increasingly important as global ice begins to melt due to climate change. Modern technology allows scientists to study the rate of evolution of viruses embedded in layers. of ice core The same technology will also benefit the study and search for life on Mars.
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