Features and Working Principle of Pulverizer Mill Machine

  • Ultrafine grinding mill is high quality professional equipment used in limestone, calcite, diatomite, pyrophyllite, slag and other non-metallic mineral powder production scale, with scientific and reasonable working principle, reliable operation, high quality products and many other advantages.

    Working Principle of Pulverizer Machine :

    Super fine micro pulverizer mill machine consists of pulverizing system, prticle grading system, cyclone separating system, dust collecting system and electric control box.

    Feeding material via hopper by screw conveyor. The material is sheared and pulverized by high speed cutters and liner, then pulverized material moves to the cyclone separator and discharge, dust is filtrated and collected by the filter cylinder.


    You can adjust the output size by adjusting the speed of the grading wheel.

    There is no sieve inside the chamber. Easier to use than the pulverizers with a sieve.

    Continuous working is suitable for industrial production.

    There is no dust flying during production.

    We use stainless steel to produce micro mill, which assures final products healthy and clean.

    We can change the position of the connecting pipes according to the space of customer's workshop.

    Can be equiped with water cooling system to cool down the temperature inside the crushing chamber to keep working continuously.

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