Do aluminum concert trusses have absolute advantages?


    Do aluminum concert trusses have absolute advantages?

    Does aluminum concert truss dominate the "stage equipment" industry? Do all other concert trusses have to stand aside? Historically, no product can enjoy long-lasting "starry-eyed" treatment, only continuous improvement of technical process, no eternal honor, based on the truss manufacturer's learning and improvement of welding technology.

    The old concert truss manufacturer has a mature process from raw material selection to processing, sales and after-sales. The good or bad raw material has a decisive role in product quality. 60 series aluminum alloy metal is the popular material in the market, high precision steel hardness, stronger in firmness, and the material chosen by large enterprises considering the cost factor.

    The master welders' exquisite and skilled skills make every node of the product smooth and smooth, and the size of the product is standard. Aluminum stage concert truss is divided into fixed, ball joint, butterfly and folding types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, which are suitable for different occasions, and the processing technology and details of different types of trusses are very different.

    Aluminum concert truss is more durable and beautiful than ordinary truss, this advantage based on raw materials is not absolute, only the manufacturer's later "skillful" production is the competitiveness of the product.