Explain Amazon New World Transaction

  • Since its release, New World has quickly become one of the most popular games. Because it is a game that connects reality and has dreams, players can grasp the direction of the economy through transactions, which is like a complete market economy.

    Trading is a function that confuses the player at the beginning, and after the player is proficient, they will find that trading is indispensable. Trading is a complex system. Players need to learn and adapt to understand how trading is carried out. However, the player can be sure that the transaction requires New World Coins.

    Simply put, the transaction is the exchange between New World Coins and resource items. New World has no real merchants, it is mainly carried out between players. Players earn New World Gold by selling unwanted items and resources to each other at the trading station.

    New World also has a way to deal with unwanted items called salvage. Players are expected to choose this method carefully, because salvaging can only get a few Cheap New World Coins and some repair kits.

    There will be a trading station in every area the player goes to, and the price of the same item may be different in each trading station, which is determined by the local economy. Therefore, players can pay more attention to the specific information of each trading station, and choose to trade in areas that make more New World Coins. In the exchange, players mainly buy items for sale and publish items they need to export. In addition, the items in the trading station need to pay a small amount of mailing fees and taxes.

    In order to get more Cheap New World Coins from the transaction, players can pay more attention to hot-selling items, such as fish fillets and runes. The more players improve their fishing skills, the more valuable fish they can get. Or players can directly choose  to Buy New World Coins to own high-level items faster.