OSRS has actaully devs who listen and polls the neighborhood

  • Much like the rs3 community does with the radio silence the majority of the time. . So much I hope that we get a fair bit more content in OSRS gold this season so far 1 skill worked for along time and 1 pursuit some ninja fixes upgrades and a new gem. Oh yeah I forgot that a shitload of mtx events that require dev time instead of actual content lmao osrs is way better progressing this season than rs3 thats a big shame. Don't you need another pet entirely irrelevant to the world of Runescape, as well as outfits?

    Or better yet boss critters which have been pushed to glorified microtransaction schemes. If your revering into vorago, that has been the pet that motivated boss pets. Not saying its wrong or appropriate to be marketed, but its why we even have boss critters. Why nobody thought about it before the shard is beyond me lmao. Are you referring to the arbitrary action pet ideas, such as"money earning', or MTX?

    I was referring to this new Cerberus pet someone made a post about some time ago, but yes those too. FTFY. . Osrs really has devs. RS3 is obviously a skeleton team and most of the workers in Jagex are operating on additional IP. I bet a lot of shared resources like Marketing, admin they list as RS3 employees to make us think otherwise. At this point I believe that the mtx team is the exact same size if not bigger than the standard dev team.

    Is not"1 skill functioned for"together" time" greater than no new skill forever in OSRS? Allow me to remind you RS3 actually had two quests published this season, maybe not 1. Seriously, I really feel like I'm taking goofy pills with how folks just casually brush over the fact that we just got the first new skill in 4 years and that it was a massive success which overall was very positively received. I think most of the folks complaining either never gave it a chance, or proceeded no-life and comped it in a week and also do not see how that is not normal or healthy.

    That is like saying different construction objects are different ways of training construction because they have their own unique rooms, materials and have different requirements when in fact making a crude chair is not any different to Old School RS Gold creating a pawnbroker. At a fundamental level all BGH animals are indistinguishable. The fact their motion patterns are distinct and also the later tiers add another very small mechanic is mainly irrelevant.