Such a fix. You will find 75 badges in total and they're static

  • Now that NBA 2K21 is lifeless, I compiled a list of all of the issues I would expect the devs would look at and maybe implement in NBA 2K MT time to get my potential return with 2K22 because, in its present incarnation, there's absolutely no way I will be anywhere close to 2K21. Shortly after purchasing, the Glitched and Out Of Position cards stored dropping and we all discovered that the blog 2K published at the beginning was a veiled lie and we were duped. Anyhow, here are the topics in no specific order.

    Such a fix. You will find 75 badges in total and they're static. Have them at an order and stick to it. If I am comparing GOAT LeBron James to Prime LeBron James, I ought to be able to look at them side by side and easily identify exactly what you're missing from Prime which are inserted to GOAT. But this is not the case. Exactly the very same badges appear depending upon the card which makes it hard to compare. This really is a 1/10 in terms of how easy it's to fix makes an effect of.

    On June 25th, players looking to lock in to Zion Williamson, among the very rookies in years, had to pay MT for your card. The cards for the original set were still holding worth (albeit roughly half of the initial two million purchase cost ) so people were paying an exorbitant sum for Zion the day until he had been accessible for 6k. It was disrespectful to the consumers and forethought ought to be exercised in how 2K spaces out its content.

    In a similar manner, after no opals because they became prevalent in March, Damian Lillard acquired one on July 10th and then a better one on July 31st. The cost associated with this can be minute in comparison to Zion but the principle is the same. No one wants to invest into a card and see its value tank so rapidly. By the moment the attention shifted to 2K21, the long load times between matches, to return to the menu proved quite noticeable from roughly late July. It is obvious that 2K20 servers were recommissioned by 2K to 2K21. This should not occur until the player base has gone into 2K21 and should be ratioed accordingly.

    As an aside from that, the disconnects from MyTeam weren't as bad this season, but still more than acceptable for a multi-million dollar business like 2K. I am not sure the legal ramifications of the reason why this is not so, but there NBA MT Coins are many times individuals record video and article from context. There are a number of instances of abuse from the opponent and because when recording gameplay the opponent's audio isn't listed there isn't any proof to report to either 2K or Sony/Microsoft. This would go a long way to cleaning the toxicity up as just knowing the choice exists to be listed and reported will function as a hindrance to the profanity and slurs which are prevalent in the online part of NBA 2K21.