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At this time in the Madden 21 coins

  • September 17, 2020
    At this time in the Madden 21 coins event that you would like to play a soccer game, your only choices are this year'sMadden, or a previous version of Madden.Nothing in the unlicensed world is anywhere as fun. What we need is a PES-style choicethat would let you upload your own teams, unis, and gamers. For the last nearly five decades now they've proven time and timeagain they launch games and load them with DLC/lootboxes. Why give a company like that money?

    I guarantee there's literallyhundreds of different games out there which are better created and more enjoyable.Its exactly what most of us Sega fanboys knewwas going to occur when EA shut out Sega and Visual Concepts from the NFL licence.I don't know how EA hasn't been able to followthe free to perform battle royale version and only put out a"free" Madden and constantly update it with"battle passes" and otherevents.

    Those games make a ton of money and they'd rake it in with Madden. It blows me away that they have not done it yetthinking about EA does this with Apex Legends.Due to releasing a brand new game every year that they effectively reset all of theadvancement of supreme team their big money maker. So every year that they get earnings and all the money from packs and coins onsupreme team.If there is 1 thing The Last of Us 2 educated me, it's that ultra low user scores on Metacritic mean jack . Neverplayed Madden in my life, never cared for this, bu a 0.4 user rating on etacritic doesn't mean"a lot of fans are disappointed",it means"a group of pissy manbabies bombed the game with 0/10 reviews".

    Madden is an annual franchise, we have a very good notionabout what a typical amount of user testimonials are for each installment. The past several decades, there number of user eviewstops from the cheap Madden nfl 21 coins 100-200 range. Madden 21 was in the 570s if the video was created, and has over 1700 user testimonials now.Certainly got brigaded.The people who own the NFL don't give a f-ck on your video games.And EA provides them the most money.