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They say they are going to send him a letter inviting him

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    May 4
    Then you go OSRS Items outdoors. You'll see the burglar dropped something. Pick this up, and you'll see it is a runestone using engravings in another language. Return to Sarah and give her the rock. She'll say that the Dark Wizards use these runestones as plans. When you arrive there'll be a cutscene with the Dark Wizards speaking with all the Dairy Cow at the corner of this room.

    They say they are going to send him a letter inviting him to their tower and giving them the poisoned milk rather than the normal milk. You'll see them putting the milk on the table then the wizards going out to give the king the letter. Walk inside the tower and then empty the poisoned milk and then replace it using regular milk. You'll observe the poison in the middle with only enough dosages to fill up the wizards poisoned milk. Take the cows and give it back to Sarah. Then you'll see a cutscene where they wizards are meeting the king. The wizards will all die from poison, then the King will run out the door straight back to Falador.

    The Rewards are: The Ability to construct a Pasture and also a Coop, A recently born calf and a poultry, 2000 hunter exp and 2000 construction exp. In the coop, it is going to be empty. Build hooks which require 15 wood and 10 claws.

    You are able to build troughs for water and food that each need five wood. The water trough requires a bucket of water, and the trough necessitates chicken feed which you can purchase from Sarah. You can also purchase more chicken. They will ocassionally lay eggs in their pins. You can also fill the room with hay, which you can get from OSRS Gold For Sale Sarah. You have to have 10 heaps of hay for that.