Is it time to upgrade your mask?

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    Jul 12
    There are several masks out on the market now, from cloth masks, surgical to N95 or KN95.To get more news about surgical mask supplier, you can visit official website.

    But research shows not all masks offer the same level of protection
    from COVID-19, Dr. Ashok Srinivasan a professor at the University of
    West Florida said especially in areas with high exposure.

    “If the amount of virus in the air is very large then you need a
    really effective mask, not even a surgical mask is good enough so you
    should probably use the N95 OR KN95," Srinivasan said.His research shows
    that if an infected person wears an N95 mask and is around a
    susceptible person wearing an N95 mask the probability of getting that
    person infected is about 9%, if the susceptible person is wearing a
    surgical mask it's 14% and if they are wearing a homemade mask it's 70%.

    Srinivasan said the effectiveness of a mask also depends on the amount of exposure you have to the virus.

    In low exposure situations, a cloth and surgical mask will certainly help reduce your chances of getting infected.

    “If you do get infected there is some evidence that if you actually
    wear a mask then the amount of virus that you are exposed to is a little
    less, there is some evidence you may be less seriously sick,”
    Srinivasan said.He is recommending that everyone upgrades their cloth

    “It’s very important especially with the new virus strain to get a really good mask,” Srinivasan said.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still recommending that the use of N95 masks be left for healthcare workers.

    Srinivasan said masks like the Chinese KN95 and the Korean KF95 are still good alternatives for the N95.