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Azzanadra will take each one the ignredients out of you

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    Apr 6
    I have all of the OSRS gold ingredients I need. Azzanadra will take each one the ignredients out of you. He will mix the unholy symbol dust, then the rannar bud, then the wine into the water-filled vial. He'll return to one of the empty jug, and a Potion of Zaros (4) (You can't drink this potion. Examine:'A strong, sanctifying potion.')

    Azzanadra: Here, adventurer. Just take this to all of the altars that's energy was drilled by the Zamorakians, and the energy will return to the altars. Also, once you pour this potion onto every one of the altars, cast a smoke, shadow, blood, and ice spell on it. It will finish the sanctifying process. (Sense endings )

    Now you have to travel back to every shrine (you can do this in almost any order, however, you have to be wearing the Pendant of Azzanadra.) When you arrive in a shrine, you need to use the Potion of Zaros (4) on the altar, and it will start to glow a color again, based on what colour it was originaly. Subsequently throw a smoke, blood, shadow, and ice spell on the altar. Whenever you've used the potion using the last altar in the last shrine and casted the charms, Azzanadra will look.

    Come back to my pyramid for a final job. Finishing the Quest. He'll then disappear right away. Azzanadra will once more appear there. Thank you for sanctifying the shrines of Zaros once again. However, I want your assistance once again. Thus, you want me to investigate? Yes. I believe there is another thing there that ought to be brought buy RS gold back here to my pyramid to keep the war together with Zamorak.