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I might have to know more about the shades

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    Feb 7
    First off, I'm RS gold sure everyone here's tired of this sort of topic, so it's absolutely fine if no one wishes to answer, but thanks for taking the time to read it anyway. Since the launch of the Fight Kiln will come after this month, I really wanted to find a fire cape. I've tried 2-3 times already without any luck.Please take a person's advice on this if n0t mine. Because you sir r a genius yes 5% increase from chiv - piety is obviously worth like 5-6m unrefundable yes genius thought sir and of course you know about that considering you've 46 prayer.

    Have fun dying then. You are an ignorant fool. We continue saying you wont last yet you keep insisting you know over the people actually providing you the advice. Kthx bai. Btw, this is all you do in this thread to"prove" your point (that is invalid and null): Individual Much higher stats than you: You state:"You probably don't know how to bandos." Please stop insisting in your ignorance. If you know all your answers WHY ASK US?! Buy K Top+BT and utilize Rapier (get 80 DG) and proceed kill.

    Does anybody have anything helpful I might have to know more about the shades of mort'ton mini-game? I have been playing it for over 9 hours and I have a silver essential to get into the deepest part of the catacombs. I have gathered over 200-300 FIYR REMAINS and burnt off nearly all them but have not received one single gold key yet. I understand the majority of the help manuals state this key is rare and could be obtained with chances of 1 in 100, but that really is very ridiculous. I also need to know if it's possible or even likely that the"Necromancer Kit" is a guaranteed loot from the golden mines?

    I have trained for this specific game for over a week now just to obtain the necromancer kits to use on my Dagon Hai robes. I've 30 fine cloths in my bank awaiting use. All I want now is just three of the kits to utilize on every respective peice of my Dagon hai robes now, but I am having such a challenging time getting any keys buy School RuneScape Gold to the golden mines which"can" or"might not" include these fabled kits.