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British PM Johnson's fiancee gives birth

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    October 18, 2020

    British PM Johnson's fiancee gives birth

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's fiancee, Carrie Symonds, has
    given birth to a baby boy, Downing Street said on Wednesday.To get more
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      Both mother and child are doing well. The boy was born at a London hospital.

      Johnson returned to work on Monday, a month after testing positive
    for COVID which he said had threatened his life. Symonds also had
    symptoms of COVID but recovered swiftly.

      The couple, who have been living together in Downing Street since
    Johnson became prime minister in July, announced in February that they
    were expecting their first child.

      Politicians began sending their congratulations to the couple.

      “So thrilled for Boris and Carrie. Wonderful to have a moment of
    unalloyed joy!,” Health minister Matt Hancock said on Twitter.

      Johnson, who refuses to say how many children he has in total, was
    previously married to Marina Wheeler, and they had four children
    together. They announced in September 2018 that they had separated and
    they divorced earlier this year.